26-28 May 2020
Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light
Europe/Berlin timezone
A workshop on the recent progress and future potentials of interferometric and phase-sensitive microscopy

Scientific Programme

We are organizing a very rich and in-dept scientific program, which will comprise more than 20 scientific talks from leading experts in the field of interferometric scattering microscopy, as well as few selected contributions from participants.

The workshop is intended to be a chance for the participants to discuss the challenges, ideas, and opportunities ahead in the field. Therefore, a considerable amount of time will be dedicated to scientific discussion and networking.

May 26th, 3-5 pm (CEST)

Invited speakers
- Naomi Ginsberg
- Vinothan Manoharan
- Marek Piliarik
- Alexandre Persat
- Christian Eggeling
- Chia-Lung Hsieh

May 27th, 3-5 pm (CEST)

Invited speakers
- Seok-Cheol Hong
- Wonshik Choi
- Ji-Xin Cheng
- Kheya Sengupta
- Paola Borri

Contributed Talks
- Lukasz Bujak
- Mahyar Dahmardeh
- Sanli Faez
- Katharina König
- Christoph Gruber
- Ryota IINO
- Thomas Juffmann
- Martin Kaller
- Wolfgang Langbein
- Alice Merryweather
- Reza Gholami M.

May 28th, 3-5 pm (CEST)

Invited speakers
- Alexander Rohrbach
- Selim Ünlü
- Rafael Piestun
- Gabriel Popescu
- Michaël Unser

Contributed Talks
- Houman Mirzaalian Dastjerdi
- Pooja Munjal
- Christopher Parperis
- Francesco Reina
- Lorenzo Talà
- Richard Taylor
- Yazgan Tuna
- Hui Yu
- Yiwen Li
- Anna Olerinyova
- Fabian Soltermann